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Lone Ranger Disguises by Gabriel Archive

Gabriel Lone Ranger action figure archive

Gabriel's Lone Ranger line of toys is one of the best the seventies had to offer. Taking a page from G.I Joe, Gabriel offered a large assortment of Adventures for the masked lawman and his faithful Indian companion that made the line an instant classic. Despite the fact that the Lone Ranger didn't have a major media tie in (a filmation series and movie would come in a few years) the Lone Ranger line was a hit and lasted for a few years.

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The Rebel Riders: The Ranger disguises himself as a confederate soldier.

Lone ranger outfit

The Broken Horseshoe: The Ranger is masquerading as a Blacksmith.

Lone ranger outfit

The Lazy Trapper: Dig that pelt!

Lone ranger outfit

The Gun Runners: Hey, Tonto is getting in on this! Cool!


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