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UK and European Store (Order here if you are not in Canada or US)

Below are our products, scroll down for bundling deals!

Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings

Our new book featuring all your favourite, easily broken toys.

Each order includes 3 exclusive Rack Toys Post cards

Rack Toys Bundle: Get Megozine issue one, 1978 and Rack Toys for a Great Price.

While Supplies last ($38.85 value) $28.95 plus shipping

Mego Museum Megozine Issue one:

The Mego collector's magazine includes articles on the

the 12" Superheroes, Collector Art Baltazar and Lincoln Monsters.

Exclusive Sticker and Mego Trading Cards.


Mego Museum 1978 ReImagined Catalog:

A fantasy publication that answers the "What If?" Mego had created toys

based on Star Wars, Scooby Doo, 1966 Batman and others.

Exclusive Sticker and Mego Trading Cards.

1978 Quantity

Megozine plus 1978

Buy both and save big time!


Brick Mantooth Action Figure

Brick Doll with his solid Box


Brick Mantooth and the Super Collector

Temporarily out of stock

The Big Bundle