1975 Toys R Us Flier Cover Page

Mego Star Trek

As the song says, "These are a few of my favorite things!". 1975 was a big year for Kenner toys when they picked up the license for The Six Million Dollar Man television series. Despite it's runaway success, it's nothing compared what was in the future for the Cincinnatti based company.

Mego Planet of the Apes were still enjoying incredible success, the tree house play sets were flying off the shelves although the cancellation of the TV series later in the year would see "Ape Mania" cool down somewhat.

The World's Greatest Superheroes were white hot in 1975 while GI Joe, the father of the action figure was starting to decline in sales, despite innovative items such as the Sea Wolf Submarine.

The Lone Ranger Line from Gabriel was a top notch line as well, there are over four western themed toys on this page alone, it may be difficult to find four in an entire store in todays marketplace.

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