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1975 AMT Catalog: Star Trek

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A big hit for AMT was their line of Star Trek kits which actually date back to the 60's, when the series went through its mid seventies revival AMT reissued older kits and began making new ones as evidenced here with it's new releases for 1975 The Romulan Bird of Prey and the Enterprise Bridge.

I think I owned and ruined most of these with my 6 year old painting skills. AMT also released a model of the K7 space station from the episode "Toruble with Tribbles". The Mister Spock kit was originally released by Aurora in the UK. Even though the UFO kit appears on the Trek boxes and here shown in the line, it has nothing to do with Star Trek. it confused the heck out of me as a kid.

Of all the kits, my favourite would have to be the dynamic Mr Spock figure kit, here are some shots of a nice built up version courtesy of Mike Rogers. You can visit Mike's Mego box site here

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