Warpath unfortunately opened fire in the Big Jim headquarters killing Dr Steel

I always wonder how insane, monstrous madmen build high tech lairs and get henchmen. Do they have job fairs? I guess you shouldn't try to dissect a comic shoved into an action figure box. I love the little "montage" of the P.A.C.K getting ready, this should be backed up by some music by "Survivor".

Note the sequence where Big Jim's face changes, this is the ad for Double Trouble Big Jim. You see Zorak had a device where his face switched around from Human to Monster, so Mattel made a Jim figure where he goes from Mad to "I'm having a really big poo", the device was hidden under some really big Micheal Landon Hair. I've never been real fond of Double Trouble Jim.

A lot of "hunh" moments here, firstly why didn't Torpedo just put the paper down himself and pull out his rifle? Was there a really good Mary Worth he wanted to clip? Of course, you'll be ready to forgive when you see what The Whip is doing below.

So The Whip throws sharks and eels into the Sub and closes the door, he's just showing off, you could have had the same effect by just opening the door. Then there's Doctor Steel, showing what a real man he is and welding with his metal hand.

Stay Tuned for the Next Installment! The Final Conflict!

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