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1977 Centsible Catalog

Centsible catalog 1977

Centsible is best known for their inflatable line of boxing gloves called "Socker Boppers" which sold for decades. The thing I remember most about these was getting the seam in the face, which hurt a whole lot when your opponent is five years older than you (what was my dad thinking?).

The company had a whole line of fun toys and definitely had a penchant for velcro. Take a peek at the 1975 Centsible catalog, sorry about some of the scans, this one had a bit of water damage.

Socker Boppers

Sockers Boppers sold well for the company well into the 1990s.

Silly Swords

Silly Swords likely caught some sales heat from Star Wars.

Star Force

Centsible should have gotten "Most Creative uses for Velcro" award for 1977.

Star Force

"Attack!" a simple, yet effective name.

Wham Wads

"Wham Wads" goes into my "most disturbing toy names" book along with "Fuzzy Pumper".

Star Force

Silly Sand, another concept still found on store shelves.

Star Force

I want one of these.

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