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Cool Comic Book Toy Ads from the 70's

Back when kids could actually afford to buy a comic a week, they were an amazing marketing tool for toy companies to reach their target audience, especially if you had toys that revolved around heroes. Here a few personal favorites, more to follow in the coming months:

Evel Knievel

This clean looking ad for Ideal's Evel Knievel probably wooed thousands of kids into putting this on their wishlists.

marvel comics toys

Drool, the Marvel toy selection from 1975 is something to behold Mego Superheroes, Aurora Comic Scenes and Marx Figures? These are a few of my favorite things!

marvel comics toys

"Our Way" was the name of the company that produced this cool and colourful stickers featuring characters from the DC and Marvel universes, a small package of them will cost upwards of $20 on Ebay these days.

GI Joe Bulletman

This ad has the distinction of being one of my favorite comic ads and childhood toys, Bulletman from the G.I. Joe Adventure Team. I love how a mysterious stranger with a mask is instantly placed into the Adventure Team, that's a great background check. Also, times must have been tough for Eagle Eye G.I. Joe, he used to have a helicopter, now he has to hang off the Atomic Man's leg in order to get around.

marvel comics toys

Hasbro's Superhero Ricochet Racers were a cool combination of toy gun and cars. This 1976 ad featuring Cap and Spidey is kind of odd in a fun way. I love the high tech way the army chooses to fire the nation's only hope.

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