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the best of dressing alike

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Plaid Stallions Dress Alike Love Spectacular

With Valentines day around the corner, it was high time we here at Plaidstallions paid tribute to the single greatest act of love possible, wearing a matching outfit with your partner. This wonderful act says to your partner, no matter how girly, no matter how many teens openly mock me, the whole world will know by looking at us, that we probably came in the same car.

Gentlemen, surprise your spouses this year by wearing matching blouses, it's a reward unto itself. Here are some couples whose love knows no shame:

Unisex Jumpsuits

Ah, the unisex jumpsuit perfect for your life on the compound worshipping the Chosen One.

Worst Dress Alike Ever

Red denim, shown above only enhances the euphoric feeling of love, look at the man aboves eyes, see how they're dialated? That's love baby.

Swingers Dress Alike

Who says three's a crowd? Not these guys, the kisses are "His and Hers and His" down on this rendezvous..

sweater alikes

When you're love, even wearing sweaters that look like, as one reader put it, "Bill Cosby's Pen from Picture Pages" seems like an easy task.

Man Mates

That feminine touch will proudly display "I'm Hers" to any stray women you encounter. She sure broke this stallion!

Space Hookers

While spending your night at the 2001 Disco, no mook in the place will ask your lady to do the hustle in this ensemble.


Nothing says "J'Taime" like dressing like the cover of the Triumph "Allied Forces" album.

pretty butterfly

So robust is their young love they need the aid of a kindly chaperone.

disco freak out

If you're really sick of all that sex nonsense in the bedroom then these formless and jarring night shirts will calm those urges better than a bucket of saltpeter and an appearance by a nude and angry grandparent.

love indeed

Mr and Mrs Huggy Bear offer relationship courses at the learning annex.

dress alike

I'm not sure but I think the hat and medallion denote that he is the spokesperson for the couple.

dress alike

Dressing alike isn't limited to couples, families can get in on the action like this frightening rural family above who would most likely keep you alive while they eat you..

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