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Adventure Sets by Gabriel Archive

L Gabriel produced a staggering amount of adventure sets for the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Not once drifting into science fiction as both G.I. Joe and Big Jim occasionally did, they were all straight up Western adventures you'd expect the Lone Ranger to do.

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The Apache Buffalo Hunt: Tonto gets his own adventure.


The Blizzard Adventure


The Lost Calvary Patrol: An expanded version of the "Lost Rifles" disguise.

Carson City Bank

Carson City bank Robbery: A fricking disguise for Butch Cavendish, you know it's a cool toy line when the villains get adventure sets!

Hopi Medecine Man

Hopi Medicine Man: I find parts from these sets in G.I. Joe parts boxes all the time.

Pow Wow

The Tribal Pow Wow: Love the Peace Pipe!


Fate of the Prospector: The Prospector set was used in the G.I. Joe viewmasters.

red river

Red River

red river

Comic on the back of Red River

red river

Solitary Trapper

red river

Canoe: looks familar!

display box

Original Lone Ranger Store Display

display box

Back of the Lone Ranger Store Display

display box

Original Lone Ranger Store Display


Boxed Lone Ranger Rifle Set

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