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Lone Ranger by Gabriel Archive

Gabriel Lone Ranger action figure archive

The Lone Ranger action figure line was quite the little universe, while many knew the Ranger, Tonto and Butch Cavendish, it was expanded (especially in Europe by Marx) to include more friends and foes of the old West's dynamic duo..

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Lone Ranger in box
Boxed Lone Ranger
Carded Lone Ranger
1975 Evel Knievel
Tonto Boxed

Tonto Carded
Carded Tonto
Tonto Two Pack
Tonto 2 Pack
Tonto Two Pack
Little Bear

Tex Dawson
Tex Dawson Boxed
Tex Dawson
Tex Dawson Carded
Butch Cavendish
Butch Cavendish Boxed

Butch Cavendish
Butch Cavendish Carded
Danny Reid
Danny Reid Boxed
Danny Reid
Danny Reid Carded
Butch Cavendish
Red Sleeves Boxed
Danny Reid
Arrow Version Boxed
Danny Reid
Red Sleeves Carded
Butch Cavendish
El Lobo Boxed
Danny Reid
El Lobo Carded

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