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Lone Ranger Outfits by Gabriel Archive

Gabriel Lone Ranger action figure archive

Gabriel's Lone Ranger line of toys is one of the best the seventies had to offer. Taking a page from G.I Joe, Gabriel offered a large assortment of Adventures for the masked lawman and his faithful Indian companion that made the line an instant classic. Despite the fact that the Lone Ranger didn't have a major media tie in (a filmation series and movie would come in a few years) the Lone Ranger line was a hit and lasted for a few years.

Lone Ranger in box
Rebel Rider
Broken Horseshoe
1975 Evel Knievel
Lazy Trapper

Tonto Carded
Gun Runners
Tonto Two Pack
Tonto Two Pack
Little Bear

Tex Dawson
Indian War
Tex Dawson
Secret Corral
Butch Cavendish

Butch Cavendish
Crooked Gambler
Danny Reid
Last Chance Saloon
Danny Reid
Stolen Rifles

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