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Gabriel Zorro

mattel Clash of the Titans

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In the early 1980s Gabriel Toys, (known mostly for their fan-freaking-tastic line of Lone Ranger toys) picked up the license to the Filmation Zorro television series and worked their usual magic with a series of awesome 3 3/4" action figures.

Mattel Clash of the Titans

The initial tease for the Gabriel lines, we'll talk about their Lone Ranger line soon..

MattClash of the Titans

All the characters are present, Zorro, Amigo (who I guess is like Zorro's Robin, I can't really recall his role) and of course their trusty steeds.

Mattel clash of the titans playset

What fun would this line be without Captain Ramon and Sgt. Gonzales to kick around, no horses for you jerks!

Mattel clash of the titans playset

Even the card art was sweet for these guys!

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