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1978 Hasbro SuperJoe Figures

Hasbro Superjoe

Unlike his 12" ancestor, Superjoe had a 1-2 punch button on his back, he still however had Kung Fu Grip and his trademark scar. Badguy Darkon was a repainted Superjope commander with some snazzy gear. The black SuperJoe Commander is one of the hardest to find.

Hasbro Superjoe

Gor: King of the Terrons is the easiest figure to find, mostly because the others tend to disintegrate nowadays. The Shield and Lumuious both have battery slots in their bodies, which often explode over time.

Hasbro Superjoe

The Terron, which I guess is what Gor is king of, is a large electronic walking dinosaur. Rumour has it that Terron's lateness to market at Christmas of 1978 is what doomed the line..

Hasbro SuperjoeHasbro Superjoe

Carded SuperJoe figures courtesy of Charlie Balicki

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