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1980 Hoppity Hop Catalog

Hoppity Hop Catalog

Sun Products doesn't exactly ring a lot of bells for for many but I think everybody remembers the Hoppity Hop. Originally devised in Italy in the late 1960s (where it was known as the "Space Hopper"), Sun dubbed it the Hoppity Hop when it was introduced in 1971 to North Americans. and it quickly became a staple toy store item for many decades. This catalog reads 1980 but it's obvious by some of the photography that many of these products had been introduced much earlier in the decade.

Hopity Hop Catalog Hopity Hop Catalog

The Hoppity Horse is the only double page item in the catalog and judging from that very early 70s picture, obviously the best selling item.

Hopity Hop Catalog Hopity Hop Catalog

Donald and Mickey look awfully pleased to be a means of conveyance.

Hopity Hop Catalog Hopity Hop Catalog

I think an hour of mandated hoppity hop time would see our entire society in better physical condition.

Hopity Hop Catalog

J Jonah Jameson bought a dozen of these...