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J.J. Armes

Galoob Mr. T

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The story of J.J. Armes is so fantastic that it sounds like it came out of a toy maker's brain storming session.

After losing his hands in a childhood accident, Jay Armes worked hard and trained himself to use his steel prosthesis in any fashion that a hand could function, he also trained his mind and body and became an internationally known private eye complete with gadgets and a pet tiger!

It's no wonder that Ideal toys released their line of J.J Armes inspired toys a year after he released his autobiography. While the toys didn't last a long time, they certainly one of the more memorable action figure lines of the 1970s:

JJ Armes

The basic J.J. figure is such a no brainer for toys, interchangable hands never gets old.

JJ Armes

While Armes himself did have a training center in his home and did train extensively, I honestly doubt he had a robot sparring partner, that would be kick ass though. As far as I know this playset was not released.

GJJ Armes

J.J. like every other good 1970 scrime fighter was court ordered to have a funky van/crime lab. The J.J. Armes Mobile Investigation Unit put the Batmobile to shame with it's crime bustin' power.

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