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Scare Cycles

frankenstein Scare Cycle

Even though Evel Knievel was no longer a viable license, it didn't make sense to throw away an amazing toy concept. So Ideal continued to sell the Motor Cycle and launcher using new characters, the Scare Cycles were created in 1978 and they had a Monsters and Vehicles charm that seemed to be a throwback to the Monster heyday of the 1960s. It's not know if these were officially licensed by Universal although Franks flat top suggests they may have been.

Dracula Scare Cycle

Dracula's "Dracucycle" was actually a coffin, each vehicle had a haunted house base that wound them up. The third character is "Bone Shaker", I guess the Mummy prefers to take the bus.

boxed Dracula Scare Cycle

Shot of the Dracula Scare Cycle box, these guys did make it to market but seem hard to find.