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1977 JC Penney Toy Catalog

1977 JC Penney Header

JC Penney Flier from 1977

Department stores used to have proud toy sections, so much so that they were a preferred destination when you had a few bucks to spend. One of the biggest back in the day was JC Penney, who while still in business today aren't quite as fun as they once were. I can't remember the last time I saw a toy section in one honestly.

That's why it was exciting to find this cool newspaper circular from 1977 solely advertising all the cool toys available in December of 1977, in case you were wondering this is a Seattle area flier.

This piece is a wonderful time capsule to when Farrah was hot, her husband was bionic, hand held games were crude and Fisher Price made Sesame Street come alive. click on the images for pages with descriptions:

Azrak Hamway
Azrak Hamway
Raggedy Anne
Azrak Hamway
Sesame Street
Azrak Hamway
Sesame Street

Azrak Hamway
Azrak Hamway
Holly Hobbie
Donny and Marie
Donnny and Marie
ficher price toys
Fisher Price

vintage lego from 1977
Blip by Tomy
games from 1977
stretch amrstrong and stretch monster
Stretch Armstrong Six Million Dollar Man

rc batmobile by AHI
RC Cars
roller skates
Roller Skates
vintage biles
big wheel
Big Wheels and Green Machines

Road Race Sets
Road Race Sets
Adventure People
Adventure People
Adventure People
Farrah and Barbie

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