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Kenner Alien Merchandise

1980 Kenner Alien merchandise

It's hard to imagine with all the decapitated looking monstrosities currently at Toys R Us but was downright crazy of Kenner to make toys based on the R Rated Ridely Scott film "Alien'.

It's obvious that Kenner, high off the fumes from the model glue that is the Star Wars franchise decided to not let any other Fox Science Fiction film escape their clutches. The results were vaired, Alien toys weren't appreciated and sold poorly but now they are coveted secondary market pieces.

Kenner Alien Doll

This is possibly the most famous item from the Kenner line, the Big glow in the Dark alien doll. It's nightmareish appearance and the fact that children had never seen the film resulted in poor sales. A series of 3 3/4" figures were sadly abandoned by Kenner, which really ticks me off.:

Kenner Alien Game

The board game is most famous for having a picture of the doll on the cover and not the creature itself, it's probably better that way..

Kenner Alien Viewer

Little Billy is being scarred as he keeps replaying the chest bursting scene over and over again.

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