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Kenner Alien Promotional Catalog

Kenner Alien  toy line

In 1979, Kenner toys gave out this promotional catalog to prospective industry buyers to promote what they hoped would be their next big science fiction property "Alien"

While the film itself was a hit and still considered a classic, Kenner would soon realize that the world wasn't ready for toys based on R rated sci fi horor films. (that would change).

What follows is a little piece of 70s toy history.

Kenner Alien

I would date this piece as being from Toy Fair 1979, Kenner didn't include any Alien material into that year's catalog so I would assume it was too late to the party..

Kenner Alien

Note that Kenner had no ambition of getting toys on the shelves in time for the film's release, another indication that this may have been a last minute acquisiton.

Kenner Alien

The same contractual obligations not to show the "big Chap" were in the HG toys catalog from the same year. In the days of the internet such things are now impossible but in these days..

Speaking of Alien: The good people at Super 7 are righting a wrong and bringing us the unproduced Kenner Alien 3 3/4" line. To top it off, they're doing it in the coolest, most retro way possible, click the banner for more information. (photo above from

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