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Scuba Squad or Man From Atlantis

1978 Kenner Man From Atlantis

Ever since I posted the Kenner Man From Atlantis Toy Proposals I've recieved a great deal of feedback, artist Steve Hodges himself contacted me not to long ago and described the line as 3 3/4" with vehicles. I've always been assumed that I would never be able to get a glimpse of what the line was like.

That was until I discovered this forgetten toy line, buried in the back of the 1978 Kenner toy catalog. The Man from Atlantis series had suffered poor ratings and stopped airing December of 1977, so Kenner simply retooled the concept into "Scuba Squad".

scuba squad man from atlantis

Instead of Mark Harris, we get a generic scuba action figure along with an adventure, not convinced? Look Below:

Cetacean from Man From Atlantis

Kenner didn't even try to rename the Cetacean sub from the series, it's blantantly the same unique vehicle from the series.


A better look at the packaging, below is the original series opener featuring the Cetacean


What could have been, as far as I know Kenner never released Scuba Squad which means we got ripped off twice, however, at least we get a glimpse of what they had planned.

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