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Kenner's the Microbots

No that's not a misspelling, six years before Mego launched Micronauts, Kenner had tried their luck with the Microbots, a series futuristic robots who could build their own environments. They even had their own comic book by Gold Key!

Sadly, the line didn't take off but some did hit the market place although they are hard to find in collector's circles. Check out the amazing world of the Microbots!


This two page spread explains the toy line's premise and mentions the comic book. Click on it for a much larger view..

Kenner Microbots

If you bought all ten of the Microbots, you got the parts and pieces to put this environment together.

Kenner Microbots

I really like the name "Kranktor" I might steal it should ever get a band going.

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