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Kenner Milky

Kenner Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow

You know I've had a lot of fun at the expense at Kenner's "Milky the marvelous milking Cow" toy with easy comments like "they must have been drunk that day" surfacing. However a deeper look into the Kenner 1978 catalog provides the insight that Milky was not the result of a vodka soaked luncheon but actually a premeditated series of preschool toys based on animals.

Kenner Milky

So, how of you lucky children that had a Milky finally gave into curiousity and drank the milk? It's ok I promise I won't laugh..

gobbles the goat by kenner

Kenner's Gobbles single handedly kept the myth that Goats eat tin cans alive. Actually, that's mayth right? I've done absolutely no research on the subject past cartoons.

kenner alvin the aardvark

Finally we have Alvin the Aardvark, sucking up gigantic nightmare ants with his velcro tongue. "Velcro Tongue" is another great band name.

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