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Stretch Serpent Gallery Page

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Of all the Stretch figures, the true "white whale" of the group is this guy. Billed as "The Loch Ness Creature", the uber cool (and slightly Sleestak inspired) Serpent was only produced for one year in what seems very limited numbers.

It's not sure why he saw such a short shelf life but he was dropped from the team mid stream and is now the most valuable figure in the series. It was even featured on an episode of "Pawn Stars".

Stretch Serpent didn't make a lot of Catalog appearances, here's a rare one from 1978.

Stretch Serpent

A very rare boxed version of the Serpent.

Stretch Serpent

Stretch Serpent

Stretch Serpent

If you see one of these at a yard sale, grab it with both hands.

Stretch Serpent


Kenner Stretch Armstrong Catalogs

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