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Kenner Star Wars Line for 1978

1978 Kenner Starwars

If you were a kid under ten in the late seventies you were witness to one of the biggest phenoms the toy industry had seen, the Kenner Star Wars line. Even though it was late for Christmas, Kenner came out with both barrels the following year utilizing their master toy license to the maximum with pages of product that made my eight year old heart flutter.

Click on the images below to be transported again to the 1978 Kenner Star Wars offerings:

Star Wars FiguresStar Wars Figures

First and foremost it was about the figures, Kenner's original twelve are a memory I can't erase.

Star Wars figuresStar Wars x wing fighter

Seeing these displays for the first time in years was a real trip, the X Wing Fighter was vital to this line, how else would you blow up The Deathstar?

kenner tie fighterStar Wars land speeder

Click on the pics to see the Star Wars Vehicles section.

kenner deathstarStar Wars Deathstar

I honestly think Star Wars Death Star playset goes in the top five playsets ever.

kenner LightsabersStar Wars diecast vehicles

The lightsaber and diecast vehicles are still being produced in different forms today, I'd call that a success.

kenner 12 inch figuresStar Wars 12 inch dolls

The twelve inch Star Wars characters were a popular thing on my wishlists.

remote controlled r2 d2radio headset

Remote controlled R2-D2 could double as an action figure.

More Kenner Goodness:

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