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Kenner Steve Scout Line for 1974

1978 Kenner Steve Scout line

Kenner's Steve and Bob Scout line was an answer to other "Razor and razor blades" adventure lines like Big Jim and G.I. Joe but with a sharp focus on being wholesome. Steve and Bob were 9" Mego like figures that had well made outfits and accesories. Click the images below for a more detailed look.

Steve Scout doll by Kenner Steve Scout high adventure scout baseSteve Scout adventure sets Steve Scout adventure sets

Like all good action figures Steve had a playset, his High Adventure Scout Base was a watch tower for danger. Most of the adventure sets produced for the series revolved around perils faced while hiking or camping, although Search for the Spanish Galleon would have fit in with almost any adventure line of the day.

First and foremost it was about the figures, Kenner's original twelve are a memory I can't erase.

Steve Scout pathfinder Steve Scout Steve Scout store displays

The Path Finder was Steve's adventure vehicle although he doesn't look old enough to drive. Kenner spent a great deal of effort advertising the line and came up with some very creative store displays as evidenced by the picture below:

steve scout store display

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