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Kenner Store Displays

I got an early Christmas present in my mailbox the other day in the form of these Kenner store display photos, which were likely meant as internal documents showcasing their hottest toys for 1978. As we all know that was a year of Bionic Men and Women, Stretch Armstrong and massive block buster known as Star Wars. These photos make me weak in the knees.

Kenner Bionic Man display

I have no recollection of seeing anything like this before, I like to think I would have remembered it..

Kenner Star Wars action figure display from 1978

I don't collect Star Wars action figures by and large but I won't pretend that sites like this turn me into a 7 year old immediately..

Kenner Star Wars toy display rack from 1978

What gets me about this shot is all the stuff piled up in the corners, so many happy memories..

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