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Kenner Real West Series

1980 Kenner Alien merchandise

In the late seventies, Kenner did some experimenting and released a line of action figures based on the move "Butch and Sundance : THe early Years" which was a commercial failure. Kenner had done such a nice job on the toys that they attempted to repackage the line as "The Real West" in 1980.

The Real West would have included characters from the movie and new Western Legends such as Geronimoe, sadly the line never saw release and the only thing that made it to the market was the Western cafe.

Kenner Real West

Each of the well made figures had bendable knees (so they could ride horses) and qucik draw action when you squeezed their legs, kind of a precursor to the Kenner Super Powers figures. If these characters look familiar, Kenner reused a few of the molds to create the Indiania Jones line.:

Kenner Real West figures

A close up of the unproduced figures from this line, Billy the Kid, Geronimo and Jessie James.

Kenner Real West figure display

How a display of action figures would have looked.

Kenner Real West

Butch and Sundances horses were also repackaged and released in the Indiana Jones line (I need to do a piece on that wodnerful series).

Kenner Real West

Does the Western Cafe look familiar? It ought to, it's a redeco'd Star Wars Creature Cantina or where they released at the same time?

Kenner Real West

The stagecoach made it into more than one toy catalog during the late seventies, I say it a great deal around these parts but this one nicely made overlooked line of toys.

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