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1979 KidcoCatalog

Kidco silver warriors

Kidco (a pretty logical name for a toy company) made some pretty unassuming toys during the 1970s, the most interesting items they produced in 1979 are not one but two different lines of Shogun Warrior inspired toys.

Sliver Warriors and Space Defenders are the things you find at toy shows or in lots and have no idea as to what they are. Hopefully this catalog solves some childhood and/or toy collector mysteries

Star Force

At 7 inches, the Space Defenders would tower over most action figures in 1979, save for Mego Superheroes.

Star Force

The diecast five inch Silver Warriors (an inspired name) would slip in quite easily with your SHOGUN Warriors.

Star Force

Close up of a Silver Warriors display bin, probably found in Woolworth type stores.

More Spacey Goodness

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