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I normally don't collect catalogs that don't feature toys, but when a friend with too much free time at work pointed me in the direction of these disco era "House of Kesman" Lingerie catalogs, I decided to change that. I'm not sure I should be touching these but their odd combinations of slutty party clothes and Star Wars themed bedroom wear make them somewhat captivating.

I kind of think a tiara is a turn off in the bedroom thanks.

Here we have the extras from the Buck Rogers episode "Galactic Whorehouse" two parter with special guest star Joe Don Baker..

vintage lingerie catalog

Speaking of Sci Fi shows, the pink number above looks to be inspired by Logan's Run, I approve of this..

vintage lingerie catalog

I am not sure what the "pippen" pantsuit is doing here, it's way too tasteful.

vintage lingerie catalog

The woman on the top left (c) is my favourite of all time, bad hair, weird ass outfit, crazy pose. She's just all around delicious. The bras at the bottom do something I didn't think possible, make me uninterested in breasts, thanks.

vintage lingerie catalog

No comment except Grrrrrowl1 to models (A) and (B) and yes, I know you're likely grandmothers by now so no need to email me and pee in my pool so to speak.

vintage lingerie catalog

What Timelords wear to bed.

vintage lingerie catalog

The pics on the right reminds me of what I called pornography when i was 12, this would have been a popular item when I was.... Oh,I now have to go have the hand equivilant of the "Silkwood Shower" for touching this thing, see you in a week.

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