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Yet Another Smelly Old Lingerie Catalog

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Our last foray into the world of 70's lingerie was well recieved so it seemed right to find yet another catalog that makes you want to wash your hands after touching it

While there is no date on the cover but you can see that this is before the days of waxing.

I think the facial expressions are supposed to be sultry

It takes a minute to get used to the airbrushed nipples in this thing. I don't know why a Lingerie catalog would feature shots of unimpressed woman looking downward.

The "Lorraine" looks like pure chemicals because you wouldn't want boudoir fabrics to breath in any way....

The woman on the left looks like she just ate a bad deviled egg, wow, I'm aroused.

Great, women that kind of look like my mom back in the day, I have to go set my eyeballs on fire and bury them.

Hey you missed a nipple! Despite my begging, my wife will not wear the outfit on the right.

Is it just me or is "The Gloria" the outfit Jane Fonda wore in Barbarella?

"Whoops that was a wet one!" According to the literature, the bra in this ensemble is the "Sexiest in the World", maybe the model shouldn't look like my friend's crazy Mom.

Nothing improves the genitals more than good old fasioned tassles!

Just so we men don't feel left out, don't stare at this page too long, it's oddly hypnotic......

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