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 big jim

The forum is a great group of friendly collectors from across the world including yours truly, so check out

Plaidstallions Facebook Page Like us, we like you!

Plaid Stallions On Line Store I get asked if I sell stuff from this site every single day, here is what I got....

Brick Mantooth's Facebook Page Befriend our ultra cool spokesmodel today

TOPLESS ROBOT The great pop culture blog that hires starving Canadians obsessed with the 70's, visit there often..

WISH BOOK WEB is a fairly recent project and one with a lot of promise. The site creators hope to scan every page of every wishbook and department store catalog they find. That's a lot of work, so I really admire their dedication.

RETROCRUSH simply one of the best nostalgia and pop culture sites out there. With a much broader focus than us and with a dazzling forum and podcast, RetroCrush is one of the hardest working sites on the web.

SPIDERMAN COLLECTOR.NET has recently moved so change your book marks people, a wonderful site!

The Aquaman Shrine Webmaster Rob Kelly is the hardest working man on the internet, start at the shrine and then end up crawling through his humungous pile of comic related blogs.

MEGOMEET The annual Toy Show for collectors of toys produced by 70s juggernaut Mego Corporation.

ACTION FIGURE INSIDER keeps you up to date on modern toy news and has interesting blogs and forums.

RUSTY ZIPPER sells vintage clothing, just in case you yourself wish to be a plaid stallion!

Megolike is the home for knockoffs

MEGOMUSEUM Simply the greatest Mego site on the planet, nothing comes close to the content of the Megomuseum, it's like the 70's come alive. If you haven't figured it out yet, I work there....

MEGOSTORE sells Mego stuff, collectors supplies and rare video, worth a look.


FOREIGN MEGO My site to catalog rare and interesting Mego action figures from other countries.

Want a custom playset for your Mego dolls that will knock your socks off? Check out Dida Displays

WEIRD WEBBED a look at strange things on the web, please visit or else Joe will beat me!

INNERSPACE ONLINE an extremely comprehensive site regarding the Mego Micronauts line of toys

TREASURY COMICS This amazing site catalogs every treasury edition printed, if you're into those big style comics like me, you have to check this out.

TOMMY's BAT BLOG is a nice collection of cool vintage Batman items each day, really kind of fun!