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Unreleased LJN V Toys

toys based on the TV series V

"V" was an early 80s TV sensation, the brain child of Kenneth Johnson (responsible for the Six Million Dollar Man and the Incredible Hulk series) , V was a parable about facism wrapped in the amazing trappings of science fiction. The original mini series were a ratings smash, so by the time a weekly series rolled around (Johnson bailed by this point) it made sense that toy makers were clamouring to get themselves some lizards. Sadly, the series was less than spectacular and LJN didn't roll out their entire V line for 1985 (save for the 12" doll). Below is a sad glimpse of what might have been.

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Larami Toys
12" Doll

Larami Toys
3" Human Figures
Larami Toys
3" Visitor Figures

Other Unproduced Toy Lines