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Lord of the Rings by Open Door Enterprises

Lord of the Rings catalog 1979

The 1979 release of "The Lord of the Rings" movie was a highly anticipated event by fans and toy companies, hoping to find a fantasy film franchise as lucrative as Star Wars had been.

Lord of the Rings was a box office hit but it didn't equate to much by the way of merchandise. One of the few licensors was a company called Open Door Enterprises, who produced a number of craft sets tied into the film.

Lord of the Rings

The characters are so nicely designed, it makes sense they'd lend themselves to this kind of thing.

Lord of the Ring

I imagine if these got made, they are highly sought after items.

Lord of the Ringsr

The playset is amazing, as is the concept of a coloring book.

Lord of the Rings

Somebody drop me a line if you had these as a kid.

I buy Lincoln and tomland monster figures