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Marx 1975 Ride Em Catalog

Marx Big Wheel

Growing up in the 1970s, you could choose to have a regular ol' tricycle or you could be cool and get a Marx Big Wheel! These things were like having a Mustang to the kindergarton set.

Big Wheel was only part of the then growing selection of Marx Ride 'Em vehicles, perhaps you'll recognize some.

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The one, the only, Big Wheel, still available to this day.

Mini Wheel, Sport Wheel and Little Wheel, I never realised how many spin offs there were.

Happy Hopper! Sadly after this photo shoot, this little girl fell into that deep shag carpeting and wasn't found until 1983!

Riding a Silly Sammy in my neighbourhood would have robbed you of all credibility, perhaps that's the point.

A big lucious end cap of Marx riding toys, that takes me back.....

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