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1978 Marx Ready Gang Catalog

1978 Ready Gang Action Figures

When I last wrote about the Marx Toys Ready Gang figures, I wrongly assumed they were a year wonder. However, I was surprised to find them in the 1978 Marx Toys Catalog as well. Who knew? For those new to this, the Ready Gang are a well made series of 9" Western Action figures that it seems, absolutely nobody remembers. I get an email a month saying "who is this cowboy" and it's always one of these guys. I guess they just eclipsed by the more popular Gabriel Lone Ranger series.

1977 Marx Ready Gang

It's a pretty line and you didn't see many African Americans in Western lines back then, here it appears that Trooper Gibson is the line's only good guy.

1977 Marx Ready gang

Looks like the wagon is new for '78, so this line sold well enough in 1977 to warrant aditions, who knew?

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