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1969 Mattel Toys Catalog

1969 Mattel boys toys  Catalog

Normally I don't delve much into 60s toys as I wasn't made yet but I couldn't resist this cool catalog put out for kids by Mattel pre Christmas 1969. The main reason for me is that it solves a big mystery for me. In Kindergarton I played with these blue plastic men, never knew what they were and I was elated to find out their name was TOG'L Men.

I'm sure the rest of this well made catalog will be a trip for many as it includes such Mattel staples as Barbie, Hot Wheels and Major Matt Mason.

Mattel Space:1999
Mattel Space:1999
Tog'l Men
Mattel Space:1999 prototype figures
Hot Wheels

Mattel Shogun Warriors
Mattel Shogun Warriors
Major Matt Mason
Mattel Welcome Back Kotter
Mattel Welcome Back Kotter
Barbie Continued

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