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Mattel Heroes in Action 1975

Mattel Heroes in Action 1975

During a time when many toy companies were shying aware from realistic military toys thanks mostly to the Vietnam conflict, Mattel toys launched Heroes in Action. Heroes in Action was a very early attempt at the 3 3/4" figure market made popular by the Fisher Price Adventure people and later Star Wars, it's crew comprised of muscular dogfaces with buldging biceps and "rat-a-tat-tat" sound making ability..

Heroes in Action wasn't a smash hit and many simply don't remember it but Mattel ran it two years and it seemed to be particularly popular in Italy.

Mattel Heroes in Action

(Click on the picture to expand) What a tough, well sculpted bunch.

Mattel Heroes in Action

(Click on the picture to expand) The rescue corps playset is amazing.

Heroes in Action Display

A vintage store display from 1976, want to see more? Check out our Vintage Toy Store Gallery

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1976 Mattel Heroes in Action Catalog

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