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Mattel Slime 1978

Mattel Slime 1978

Mattel toys managed in the late 70s to package some random chemicals and make into a pop culture sensation that never quite went away. Slime may have been the "big ripoff" my parents said is was (for the record my Shag carpet loving parents forbade me to own it) but every kid was drawn to the stuff and HAD TO OWN IT.

By 1978, Mattel was coming up with newer, grosser ways of marketing slime.

Mattel Slime game

Yep, they had a board game slime, I wonder how many weren't thrown out.

Mattel Slime

Mattel made many permutations of SLime but I doubt any sold as well as the original green, I mean it's snot coloured, how can you go wrong?


Slime with worms was the first to add props to the mix, eyeballs would follow.

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