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Mattel Sunshine Fun Family 1978

Sunshine family 1978

The Sunshine Family were a series of (In my opinion, creepy) dolls marketed by Mattel beginning in 1974. At the time, the line was marketed with the family being very into the burgening early 70s craft movement.

By 1978, the line's look had begun to look dated so it was rebranded the "Sunshine FUN Family" (bet that was an all nighter at Mattel!) and the characters were given a bit of a makeover. The Sunshine family had moved into the suburbs it seems.

Mattel Sunshine Family

I kind of like they've updated the look of the figures and actually had the kids grow up a little here. Mr Sunshine's lamentable "Robert Reed esque" permy do is also a bonus here.

Mattel Sunshine Family

Man, the Sunshine family totally sold out, just two short years ago they had a country store, now look at them..

Mattel Sunshine Family

Click on the picture for a larger view of the house.

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