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Mattel Big Jim for 1972

mattel big jim for 1972

In the early seventies, Mattel toys had a big hit on their hands with Big Jim, a nine inch muscle bound sports hero/man's man who came packaged in his underpants.

Jim's entire structure was mostly built on non violent, positive activities such as sports and outdoor adventures. This seems to be the result of parental objections to G.I. Joe in the late sixties, early seventies which caused him to retire and become an adventurer.

1972 saw the introduction of Jim's pal Big Jack and the introduction of his Dune Buggy but the biggest thing for me is the dawn of Big Jim's Camper. I must have spent a bajillion hours with that vinyl paradise. As goofy and safe as some of this stuff looks to me now, I can't deny that I thought it was the bomb in '73.

Mattel Big Jim

The big gimmick with basic Jim is the ability to flex his muscles and pop back those arm bands. That deluxe set is just awesome.

Mattel Big Jim

Most of Jim's outfits are sports and outdoors related, this guy was a "Man's man".

Mattel Big Jim

I can't believe I don't own one of these campers now, such happy memories.

Mattel Big Jeff

Prototype Big Jack Head I found in my travels.

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