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1978 Mattel Donny and Marie Osmond Catalog

1978 Mattel Osmond  Catalog

After a successful 1977, Mattel expanded their offerings of the squeaky clean duo and even made it a trio by adding freckly brother Jimmy to the mix. The steam ran out however, their show ended by 1979 and the Donny and Marie line didn't return to Mattel.

1978 mattel Donny and Marie Osmond catalog

If I recall from my toy dealer days, Jimmy was kind of tought to find at one point but recent ebay research shows a boxed ended at $23.

1978 mattel  Donny and Marie Osmond catalog

The Hollywood Home Playset may have never seen release, at least I could find no evidence of it.

1978 mattel  Donny and Marie Osmond catalog

From what I can tell Donny and Marie stuff is very affordable to collect these days. I can remember finding bagged Donny and Marie dolls in close out stores in the late 1980s.

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