1980 Mattel Catalog

cover to the 1980 Mattel toys catalog

Mattel toys is one of the few giants of the past still in business to this day, their signature character "Barbie" has dominated the girls aisle since the 1950's. I'm happy to have the 1980 Catalog to share a lot of the cool lines Mattel was producing, it's a memorable year with many iconic 70's toys still being produced, see below for highlights.

When it came to boys toys Mattel had a good offering in 1980, starting with the Filmation Flash Gordon Line and including standbys from the seventies including the Shogun Warriors and the various Monster Toys line Gre-Gory and Suckerman.

Electronic Games were a growing interest in toy stores as was a TV standout known as Mork from Ork and let us not forget the marriage of Hot Wheels and Spider-Man.

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