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Mattel Major Matt Mason

mattel major matt mason

Mattel's man in space "Major Matt Mason" had an succesful run during the 1960s space race until about 1969 when man actually walked on the moon and didn't find an alien civilization.

While this did sound the death knell for space toys in general, Mattel marketed the Major until the 1970s and made new items for him.

By 1971 the MMM line was a shadow of it's former self, gone were the many moon vehicles and astronaut pals, all that was left was the good Major and his new alien pal Scorpio. By 1972, Mattel would have a new action figure concept called "Big Jim" and the Major would be all but a fond memory.

Mattel Scorpio

Released late into the line, Scorpio was one of the most desirable items in the secondary collector's market during the 1980s he could fetch thousands.

Mattel Star Seeker

The Star Seeker was another item with a late introduction into the series.

Mattel Sea Devils

By 1971, the only astronaut available was talking Matt Mason himself, the MMM line was available on clearance for much of the early 1970s in my area.

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