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1978 Mattel Pulsar Catalog

1978 Mattel Shogun Warriors  Catalog

1978 saw the return of Mattel's Pulsar the Ultimate Man od Adventure returned to I guess fight crime with his non descript powers. This year he would be joined by his new foe Hypnos. While Pulsar sold well for a toy with no TV other than his TV commercials, things were starting to fall flat for his look alike Steve Austin and Pulsar's adventures would sadly end in 1978.

1978 mattel Pulsar catalog

Hypnos was actually a pretty decent concept, unlike Pulsar it's easy to find one in good shape. He was not a great seller however.

1978 mattel Pulsar catalog

Pulsar didn't go through any changes for 1978, he was the same standard issue. His life center was a tough thing to find on the collector market for some time.

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