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Space 1999 in the Mattel 1976 Catalog

mattel 1976 space 1999 toys

Gerry Anderson's ambitious syndicated Science Fiction series "Space:1999" debuted in the fall of 1975. This glossy and expensive series attracted licensors world wide including Mattel, not really known for it's licensed products but no doubt inspired by the success Mego had with their Star Trek line of toys that year. Mattel did some innovative things with the line and even created the first series of 3" figures based on a Science Fiction property, see below:

Space:1999 Action figures

Space:1999 Dolls

Mattel Space:1999 Alpha Moonbase Playset

Moonbase Alpha Playset

Mattel Space:1999 Eagle One

Eagle One Playset with unreleased Mini Figures

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