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Mattel Starr

mattel Starr

Mattel's Starr seemed to be a teenaged version of the Barbie concept, the look and feel of the line seemed to really embody that late 70s/early 80s style..

Starr had a short tenure at Mattel but was very popular, in 1982 they expanded her line to include new friends, more fashions and a familiar automobile.

Mattel Sea Devils

Starr was the most popular girl in school according to Mattel, she kind of gives me a PJ Soles vibe. Personally I like her best friend Roller Girl better but I like "Zany" girls.

Mattel Sea Devils

Ah, the disco era is fading and here come the pastels...

Mattel Sea Devils

Mattel got a ton of mileage out of this buggy, it was used for Barbie and Big Jim. I'm surprised it wasn't released as a Sweathogs vehicle as well...

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