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1976 Mattel Sunshine Family

1976 Mattel Sunshine Family Catalog

The Sunshine Family were devised in the mid seventies by Mattel and seem to be grown up hippies now starting young families. The large eyes on these figures used to give me nightmares.

Much of the play is centered around crafts and is very early seventies The family owns a hobby store and later on they would create what looked like a commune. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the Sunshine family abandon their values and become yuppies in the eighties as the line was cancelled in 1978. Mattel regrettably recycled their rather doll simple bodies into lines such as Space:1999, Welcome Back Kotter and Mork and Mindy.

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Mattel Heroes in Action
Sunshine and Happy Family

Mattel Heroes in Action
Country Store
Mattel Heroes in Action
Craft Kits and House Play Set

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