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Palitoy Talking Toys

While voice chips are commonplace in today's toys (and we're better for it IMO) back in the day, a talking toy usually meant a more premium item. Such as the case with UK toy maker Palitoy (known for the Action Man line among other good things) who in the mid seventies produced a series of taking toys based on popular series of the day.

Despite being sold by Palitoy, they were actually manufactured by Tomy. A long running misconception is that these toys were produced by Mego but it's not the case, although Mego did make some wonderful toys with Palitoy, which can be found at the Mego Museum.

As you can see the toys weren't in scale with each other but I doubt anyone ever cared.

The police Car is probably not generic, in the UK there was a popular police series known as "Z-Cars" that ran for 16 years. The Dalek had to be one of the most popular pieces produced, it came in two colours and remains a popular item. Daleks are still a popular toy item in the toy department. Palitoy would produce another Talking Doctor Who piece a couple of years later with K-9 the Doctor's robot dog.

I never quite understand Kojak merchandising, I never knew a kid who was smitten with the character. The Batmobile makes perfect sense however, one wonders though if Batman and Robin have english accents, can anyone tell me?

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