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1976 NERF Catalog

1976 Nerf  Catalog

NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam (thanks wikipedia!) and was first introduced to households in 1969 as the the first indoor ball, With it's success, saw many other application for this fun and safe material. 40 years after it's introduction, NERF is still widely available which is a testament to how timeless an idea it really is.

1976 was a good year for NERF, we've go planes, cars and missiles as well as NERF's own Superhero in NERF MAN! This catalog is kind of special to me as it belonged to my dad and you can see some of his pricing notes on some of the pages. Click on the pages for a better view.

Click on the images below to see larger pages with descriptions:

1976 nerf
NERF Balls
nerf trucks

Nerf Critters
Nerf Plane

Nerf Man

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