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Retro Playground Equipment

retro playgrounds

When I take my children to the park, I can't get over how advanced some of the playground equipment has become but I also miss the charm of the 1970's when a pile of concrete and galvanized pipe became a moon rocket or a giant octopus.

Thanks to the miracle of Ebay and Scanning, I am able to bring to you some snapshots from those long gone days. Bookmark this section as I'll be adding new themes on a regular basis.

space themed playground equipment

Space Themed Playground Equipment part 1 From Lunar landers to full blown starships, this page shows you the best of retro future

story book themed playground equipment

Story Book Themed Playground Equipment Kids and Nursery Rhymes, another no brainer.

space themed playground equipment part 2

Space Themed Playground Equipment part 2 You really have to see Giganta.

space themed playground equipment part 2

Retro Playground Equipment Just General Playground Equipment that you may recognize.

Please check back for more updates to this section, got any pics you want to share? Drop us a line and let us know